Phantom League

President: Rox Bird
Secretary: Launceston Lanes
Week No. 13 of 15  15/10/2017         League Average: 136            

  Match Points Total Points Points Round 13 Total Pinfall Total Pinfall          
 Team StandingsWonWonWeek 1ScratchW/HCPHSGHSSHHGHHSTeam
1potato heads476494121597928477044512748
2Spring Court8668117011569437398448213083
3team 78628102231603732787947013097
4The Flintstones460490131438030280444812499
5The Slow Rollers858883081223833890147413211
6Lone Ranger and Striker653686781436029677345512534
7DOUBLE D243285901324331487645513295
8DYMANIC DUO 8 840130231284046613022
9 PIGEONS         6

Round Winners 1st 2nd 3rd
Round  18potato heads8DYMANIC DUO6Spring Court
Round  28The Flintstones8Lone Ranger and Striker6team 7
Round  36team 76potato heads6The Flintstones
Round  48The Flintstones6team 76Spring Court
Round  58potato heads4team 74Spring Court
Round  68DOUBLE D6team 76potato heads
Round  78potato heads8The Flintstones8Lone Ranger and Striker
Round  88team 78potato heads8Spring Court
Round  96Spring Court6Lone Ranger and Striker6The Slow Rollers
Round  108team 78potato heads6Spring Court
Round  118potato heads8The Flintstones8The Slow Rollers
Round  128potato heads8Spring Court8The Slow Rollers
Round  138team 78Spring Court8The Slow Rollers

    1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game373Spring Court338The Slow Rollers327team 7325The Slow Rollers325Spring Court
W/HCP482Spring Court474The Slow Rollers470team 7455Lone Ranger and Striker451The Slow Rollers
Series984Spring Court901The Slow Rollers879team 7954Spring Court886The Slow Rollers
W/HCP1329DOUBLE D1321The Slow Rollers1309team 71264The Slow Rollers1260Spring Court
Game211Denise Charlesworth203Caroline Springer175Kerryn Lewis190Caroline Springer183Denise Charlesworth
W/HCP271Denise Charlesworth255Caroline Springer254Melissa Maher254Melissa Maher242Caroline Springer
Series527Caroline Springer490Denise Charlesworth485Stella Ferreras521Caroline Springer444Denise Charlesworth
W/HCP704Stella Ferreras688Karen Jones684Melissa Maher684Melissa Maher677Caroline Springer
Game209John Courtney190Jared Blackwell186Luke Laycock188Jared Blackwell161Luke Laycock
W/HCP264John Courtney256Luke Laycock250Jared Blackwell246Jared Blackwell231Luke Laycock
Series533John Courtney518Jared Blackwell474Luke Laycock518Jared Blackwell433John Courtney
W/HCP714Luke Laycock692John Courtney692Jared Blackwell692Jared Blackwell635Luke Laycock

  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
1 The Slow Rollers
020Stella Ferreras30393713169168485246704
021Jared Blackwell30437114555190518250692
008Kerryn Lewis345915369175459244666
009Robert Lewis338112785137381222636
3 Spring Court
012John Courtney39584714951209533264692
013Caroline Springer39585415050203527255677
4 Lone Ranger and Striker
002Corina Brown36457212773169432243654
007Melissa Maher36410611486165417254684
005Denise Charlesworth30434514456211490271676
006Diane Skeoch30345811585153411237663
  Individual Records GmePinsAveHCPHSGHSSHHGHHS
010Johnny Riley   50    
011Dylan Riley   46    
7 team 7
014Annalea Groves39508613070174446247662
015Luke Laycock39513713169186474256714
8 potato heads
016Sam Carsley39448211486149390236654
017Karen Jones39493012674166424252688
9 The Flintstones
018Stuart Main36440512278160401240656
019Jason Macauley36460812872155417221623

Star Bowler for Game
Melissa Maher54 pins over average with 165 game
Jared Blackwell46 pins over average with 188 game
Star Bowler for Series
Melissa Maher84 pins over average with 417 series
Jared Blackwell92 pins over average with 518 series

22/10/2017 12:00 PM10*28*65*39*14*7
29/10/2017 12:00 PM5*94*16*210*78*3