Monday Nighter's

President: Launceston Lanes
Secretary: Launceston Lanes
Week No. 13 of 13  19/06/2017         League Average: 109            

  Match Points Total Points Points Round 2 Total Pinfall      
 Team StandingsWonLostWonWeek 6ScratchHSGHSSTeam
1 Livin' On A Spare26703894983028544
2 Bowling Gary 85222100353499593
3 Gutter Grubs  42864033218816
4 Postal Strike  34461302727782
5 Tins N Pins  34255313148389
6 Bubba Gump Bowling Co.  34650903028061
7 Clint Gutterson  32670513539277
8 Still Thinking  23259473939828
9 Fire And Ice  22862723008265
10 Sassy Slingerz  19 429131487210

Round Winners 1st 2nd 3rd
Round  134Gutter Grubs32Livin' On A Spare32Tins N Pins
Round  238Livin' On A Spare22Bowling Gary8Gutter Grubs

    1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game393Still Thinking353Clint Gutterson349Bowling Gary252Livin' On A Spare Bubba Gump Bowling Co.
W/HCP511Bubba Gump Bowling Co.490Still Thinking478Postal Strike407Livin' On A Spare Bubba Gump Bowling Co.
Series982Still Thinking959Bowling Gary927Clint Gutterson654Livin' On A Spare Bubba Gump Bowling Co.
W/HCP1406Bubba Gump Bowling Co.1396Postal Strike1390Sassy Slingerz1119Livin' On A Spare Bubba Gump Bowling Co.
Game160Diane Izbicki145Deirdre Bolland      
W/HCP255Deirdre Bolland236Diane Izbicki      
Series402Diane Izbicki368Deirdre Bolland      
W/HCP690Deirdre Bolland627Diane Izbicki      
Game236Leigh Dobson217Josh Foote207Maison Carstensen133Jamie McIntosh119Sebastian McIntosh-Lucas
W/HCP286Dan Noel-Young282Leigh Dobson271Josh Foote204Sebastian McIntosh-Lucas203Jamie McIntosh
Series585Leigh Dobson583Maison Carstensen504Josh Foote354Jamie McIntosh300Sebastian McIntosh-Lucas
W/HCP754Maison Carstensen721Dan Noel-Young720Ben Phillips564Jamie McIntosh555Sebastian McIntosh-Lucas

  Individual RecordsGmePinsAveHSGHSS
1 Bubba Gump Bowling Co.
002 Dan Noel-Young243049127201466
026 Ashley Carroll6785119157427
2 Postal Strike
003 Deirdre Bolland272855105145368
004 Steve Bolland273275121154418
3 Bowling Gary
005 Maison Carstensen365311147207583
006 Chris Dunn364724131176463
4 Livin' On A Spare
007 Jamie McIntosh395057129160425
012 Sebastian McIntosh-Lucas394441113169435
5 Fire And Ice
008 Alex Izbicki243263135162438
009 Diane Izbicki243009125160402
  Individual RecordsGmePinsAveHSGHSS
6 Gutter Grubs
015 Patrick White243324138190443
016 Michael Berry243079128166438
7 Clint Gutterson
017 Josh Foote243668152217504
019 Tom Bryant243383140161460
8 Still Thinking
020 Sam Henley182462136168449
021 Leigh Dobson213485165236585
9 Tins N Pins
022 Dave Hernyk212809133175430
023 Nathan Rice212722129171408
10 Sassy Slingerz
024 Andrew Smith151931128162437
025 Ben Phillips182360131160450
013 Rachel Lucas     

Star Bowler for Game
Sebastian McIntosh-Lucas4 pins over average with 119 game